Curb Your Ego


Earlier in the summer I moved to Brooklyn, and now on my walk to and from the train I pass this piece of street art that says curb your ego.  I smile every time I see it because it’s cheeky and relevant to the neighborhood, but it’s also a much needed reminder to pause and pay attention.

It’s a reminder that our ego can be our own biggest obstacle. Even though it gives us a sense of self and a feeling of independence, it’s also responsible for making us feel separate and better (or worse) than others.

Our ego creates dividing lines which we liberally apply to the world (“I would never wear those shoes with that skirt”) or use as a tool to box ourselves in (“I’m not good enough to do X, Y, Z”).  Our judgements and biases, which we may or may not be aware of, creates a barrier (he/she is X, so we have nothing in common) and prevents from connecting on a deeper level.  Regardless of what anyone says – we need love, and thrive on creating connections and community.  Which is why it’s necessary to push our egos off to the side sometimes, to get it out of the way so we can approach situations without the unconscious judgements we’ve created for ourselves.  Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

Let Yourself Feel Happy Yoga Playlist

A feel good yoga playlist perfect for practicing in the morning or early evening.  Starts of slow for a nice warm up with Patrick O’Hearn and Active Child transitioning into faster new tunes from Jungle and SBTRKT.  The last three songs are my new favorites for cooling down/closing sequences.


Why Meditation is the New Caffeine: Emily Fletcher

So aside from this controversial title, I really like how Emily Fletcher makes meditation accessible as a topic.  I missed this live talk in the NYC office, but the video is great (apparently she’s a former Broadway star) and if you’ve never tried meditating before there’s a lovely guided exercise at the end.

Loved the Jerry Seinfeld quote too, Meditation is like a cell phone charger for your mind and body.  You meditate and at the end you come out more energized and awake”.  Cell phone chargers for everyone!

Being grounded in who you are

Maria Popova is one of my favorite writers  She doesn’t try to make her blog Brainpickings into anything it’s not – she simply writes about what she loves and is amazing at it.  The subject matter ranges from literature, philosophy, and art to history and typography.  The excerpt below is from an interview with 99u and I feel it really exemplifies her thoughts on how to live well.

We have to be in love with the reality of our lives, because if we’re not then who are we and whose life are we living?  We have to be present and grounded in who we are in order to be happy.  Yoga doesn’t always have to be called yoga.  It can be found anywhere, and I love that.

In an interview that you did with “The Great Discontent” in 2012, you said that you thought that, “You needed to be in love with the reality of your own life in order to produce beautiful, meaningful, and intelligent things creatively.” What did you mean by that?

Basically, it’s this notion that if you are not grounded in who you are—which includes what you love, what makes your heart sing, what makes you get up in the morning and be excited, and what makes you go to bed at night and be satisfied and fulfilled—if you are not rooted in the things that move you, then you’re not really going to be able to produce things that are meaningful. You’re just simulating what it is like to be a person who feels those things, right?

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