Yogis Unite!

My friend Amanda Baudier is a rockstar.  Entrepreneur, yogi, healer, singer, life teacher – she does it all.  She’s also co-founder of The Social Sutras, whose aim is to foster connections and learning throughout and between different yoga communities.  Her latest project is Yogis Unite, an offering that donates to charity and allows students to check out different studies for up to 50% off (hell yea!).  I just bought my pass – you should too.  Check out the information below!


WHAT: #YogisUnite is like “Restaurant Week” but for yoga studios
WHY: To support Lineage Project, an organization that brings yoga and meditation training to at-risk youth in NYC
HOW: YOU spend as little as $5 on a Yogis Unite pass and get 50% off select drop-in yoga classes at participating studios during the 2 week period. The money you spend on passes goes DIRECTLY to Lineage Project!
WHERE: At 20 NYC yoga studios! Click HERE for the full list of studios and the classes they are offering.
PLUS: We’re capping off the celebration with a rockin’ yogi dance party at Avenue Lounge on 11/25/14 with open bar, food, DJ and raffle prizes.
AND if you are you a yoga teacher at one of the participating studios, your #YogisUnite pass gets you 75% off instead of 50%, giving you a rare opportunity to check out other studios and support fellow teachers!

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